FenRidge Farm

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"It was a horse woman that drove me to drink. And you know, I didn't even thank her."

-- W.C. Fields.

About Us



When we bought the property it had a medium sized creek (named McGowan Creek) with a large ridge down the center.  After a few years a beaver family moved in and made the creek into a large series of ponds covering about 10 acres.  We thought this was neat, especially my husband and whatever keeps the male occupied makes him less likely to notice another horse snuck in.  During this time we were looking for a name for our farm.  We decided to go with a name that described the land.


Fen:  From Merriam-Webster, Etymology: Old English fenn: low land covered wholly or partly with water


Most people know what a Ridge is.


For ariel views of the farm go to http://www.fenridgefarm.com/facilities.htm


Here are a few of the species that the wetland has attracted:


There has also been one unconfirmed sighting of a River Otter;

River Otter  http://www.chattoogariver.org/Articles/2004Sp/Otter.htm more on Otters http://wildwnc.org/af/riverotter.html



When I went to register the domain name I found that someone in New Hampshire had independently came up with the same name.  Here’s their site:


http://www.fenridge.com   their claim is to be ‘the source for truly unique gifts. Old- fashioned quality merchandise made in New Hampshire with Yankee Ingenuity'



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